Other Legal Claims

Personal injury, wrongful death and medical malpractice actions

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, have suffered the loss of a loved one by the actions of another, or suffered from the negligent actions of a medical professional, you may have the right to pursue your claims against the individuals who caused your injuries.

Please call or email me to schedule a time when I can meet with you, and discuss the types of damages you may recover for your injuries, including pain and suffering, physical impairment, loss of income, loss of earning capacity, shortened life expectancy, and various other damages.

Because the law provides time limits, called statutes of limitation, for you to file suit in court to seek recovery of your damages from the party who caused your injuries, you should contact me as soon as possible. If you do not file suit within the available time, you are barred from ever getting compensation from the wrongful party.

If the person who caused your injuries is insured, you can generally expect the other person’s insurance policy to be the source of payment for your injuries, if your claim is successful. If you were injured in an automobile accident, and the limits of the insurance policy are not sufficient to provide you fair compensation for your injuries, your own insurance policy may provide an additional source of compensation for your injuries. If the person who caused your injuries was not insured, your policy’s uninsured motorist coverage will likely be the source of your compensation.

I have successfully obtained verdicts and settled claims for personal injuries, wrongful death, and medical malpractice. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to review your claims. To schedule an appointment with me, please call or email me.

Insurance bad faith

When your insurance company fails to follow the law in paying your claim under the policy, or violates the provisions of the policy itself, you may seek damages for the actions of the insurance company by filing a suit for bad faith. Although these claims are rare, and difficult to pursue, I have been successful in settling a bad faith claim against an insurance company, and know the procedures that need to be followed in the pursuit of such a claim.

Other civil matters

If you need representation in some other area of the law, I may be able to assist you, as I have assisted clients in various other areas of the law. If you need representation, please call or email me to schedule an appointment.

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