Would you like to reduce or eliminate your student loans, or reduce the monthly payment on your student loans?

I may be able to reduce the monthly payment you are required to pay on your student loans, to allow you a reasonable budget to meet your living expenses and may be able to reduce the balance you owe on your student loans as well.

The law now allows me to submit a plan to reduce your monthly payment based upon your income, rather than it being a fixed amount set by the government.  This can ease the difficulty of trying to live on what is left after a standard student loan payment is taken from your income.

I may be able to reduce the balance you owe on your student loans if you meet certain conditions (if you are disabled, if you are working for a nonprofit institution, are working as a teacher, for example).

I may be able to eliminate the student loan altogether if you are disabled and cannot provide for even a basic standard of living without making any payment on your student loans (for example, if your student loan debt is so high that even a small monthly payment you would never come close to paying off the debt in your lifetime).

The laws are complex, and only apply to federal student loans.

However, if you have private student loans (any debt that is not considered a federal student loan), there may be ways for me to reduce or eliminate those student loans or your monthly payment as well, but the process is more difficult and complex, since the federal law that covers federal student loans does not cover private student loans.

If you have any student loans that you owe, I would encourage you to call me right away to discuss your options.

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