Divorce and Support Issues

If you are facing divorce or support proceedings, you should get legal representation.  Going through a divorce is difficult in and of itself, but you need to know your rights regarding division of property, debts, spousal support and child support.  If you have custody of children from a court, and are not receiving child support, you will need representation to enforce the previous child support order, or to get child support started.  In the same way, if you are entitled to spousal support and are not receiving it from your former spouse, you will need representation to enforce the previous order.  If you are obligated to pay spousal support or child support and are unable to pay what you owe, you may be entitled to have the court modify the previous order to make the support order more affordable for you.  In you see yourself in any of these situations, I would encourage you to contact me to discuss how I can help you.

Jerry A. Meadows, Attorney at Law

jerry-headshotI want to share with you my experience in bankruptcy and other areas of the law, my training, and my education. My experience can be of great benefit to you in helping you deal with your financial difficulties.

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