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If you need to defend yourself against a creditor who has filed suit against you, or to defend against a foreclosure filed by your mortgage company, there may be valid defenses for you to use to defeat their claims.

Creditors (including buyers of debt) sometimes act in ways that violate rights you have under federal and state law, or simply fail to follow rules in seeking to collect from you.  Mortgage companies may not have the required documentation and may act in other ways that violate your rights under federal and state law.  I can provide you with the legal assistance you need to challenge creditors and mortgage companies and assert your rights.

If your debts are substantial, it may be your best option to file for bankruptcy, which can wipe out the debts, or if you are in foreclosure proceedings, allow you to catch up your mortgage arrears over a period of time.

It also may be possible for you to file a wrongful foreclosure case against your mortgage company, if the mortgage company has violated federal and state laws by attempting to foreclose against your home.  I may be the only attorney in Ohio who has successfully settled a claim for wrongful foreclosure against a mortgage company, since Ohio courts have not officially recognized a claim for wrongful foreclosure, and Ohio statutes do not provide a right to pursue a wrongful foreclosure claim against a mortgage company.

Jerry A. Meadows, Attorney at Law

jerry-headshotI want to share with you my experience in bankruptcy and other areas of the law, my training, and my education. My experience can be of great benefit to you in helping you deal with your financial difficulties.

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