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You probably are wondering how you got to the point in life that you find yourself in at the present –  no savings, overwhelmed by debts, facing the foreclosure of your home, dodging calls from creditors and debt collectors at home and at work at all times of the day and night, with seemingly no way out.

You look over your shoulder to see if a crew will appear in your driveway to repossess your car, dread picking up your mail for fear what creditor may be suing you next, and if some creditor may be trying to garnish your wages.

In today’s economy, more and more individuals and families wake up to face these realities each and every day.  While it appears that things can’t get any worse, they do.

You may have thought about credit counseling, but creditors don’t have to agree to help you, many times the program either doesn’t work the way it is promoted, or the credit counseling agency keeps your hard-earned payments for themselves for months before paying any of your creditors a cent.  You may have heard of government programs to help you with your mortgage, but your mortgage company offers no help, and no one seems to know how to help you.

If you see yourself in this scene or one very similar, I can offer you some real help out of your situation, relieve your stress, and give you much-needed peace of mind.   Schedule an appointment to sit down with me to go over your situation.  I will go over various options available to you, and advise you what would be your best way to overcome your financial difficulties.  Filing bankruptcy often provides the best way out, but bankruptcy may not be the best way out for you.  If there is a better option than bankruptcy, I will tell you and help you develop a plan to succeed.

Don’t spend another sleepless night worrying about what will happen next.  You owe it to yourself to find out what you can do to escape the nightmare you find yourself in.

Use the form below to contact me by email, or call me for an appointment.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Jerry A. Meadows, Attorney at Law

jerry-headshotI want to share with you my experience in bankruptcy and other areas of the law, my training, and my education. My experience can be of great benefit to you in helping you deal with your financial difficulties.

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