If You Are Considering Bankruptcy, Get A Free Credit Report

If you are considering filing bankruptcy, you should get a credit report, one that is free of charge.  The government offers the only truly free credit report.  The government offers you one free credit report each year, with no strings attached.  Perhaps you have seen offers of free credit reports from ads on TV, or on the internet.  These so-called free credit reports generally come with some catch, such as requiring you to sign up for credit monitoring services, for a price (either a monthly charge or a one-time charge).  Stick to the government’s truly free annual credit report.  Read this article that just appeared on CNNmoney.com about obtaining your credit report  [click here].

When you do get the free credit report, check to see what creditors have submitted information to the credit bureaus of the debts that you owe.  You may learn that some debt you believe you paid off years ago still appears on your credit report with a balance due, or you may notice some debt you don’t recognize whatsoever.  It may be that you have been the victim of identity theft, with someone opening a credit card account using your personal information, which can ruin your credit rating.  Even if your credit report does not contain any errors or surprises, knowing what appears on your credit report gives you a head start in gathering the information you will need to provide your attorney if you need to file bankruptcy, such as a good address for creditors, and the names and addresses of companies that have purchased debt that you owed from former creditors.

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